Busbar Systems

Busbar Sections and Busbar dropper sections were tested under the BSEN61439 certification for their Temperature rise heat dissipation properties.

Paktronics Test panel was constructed to an IP54 rating to comply with Water Authority (WIMES) specifications, but this had a detrimental effect on the Temperature Rise Tests due to the lack of available ventilation. This was overcome through a change of metalwork design within the busbar sections and some added internal ventilation systems.

Paktronic have recently invested in a mobile Busbar workstation that has the capacity to bend, cut and punch copper bar up to a maximum of 100x10mm. This can be transported to sites and allows us to either modify or replace busbar systems on site without effecting the panels functional units.

This is particularly useful for Sewage Treatment sites where copper busbars can be affected by H2S gases causing them to discolour. Paktronic can replace the affected busbars with new tinned busbars that will not be affected by the gases, while still utilising the existing panel structure. Replacing stolen/vandalised busbar systems can also be offered as part of our on-site services.


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