Carbon Reduction

In 2003 Paktronic Engineering embarked on a 5-year Carbon Reduction plan with CEMARS (ISO 14064-1:2006) focusing on the Embedded Carbon within our products and services derived from Electricity Usage, Gas, Water and Water Treatment, Goods Transport and Transport Fuel.

By the end of this period we exceeded the minimum reduction figures and achieved an overall 33.83% tCO2e (per £M gross turnover) reduction having undertaken every possible measure available to us.

We are committed to continually strive to reduce emissions by keeping aware of new products and processes which can assist the company in reducing our carbon footprint further. It is our aim, however minimal they may be, to exploit all opportunities for energy saving throughout the business and ensure that all of our staff are fully aware of our targets, and that we all work together to achieve and maintain our emission goals over the forthcoming years.

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