Sheet Metal Manufacture

For repetitive applications or larger panel sections Paktronic can offer a laser cutting service utilising the latest technology of laser cutting machinery.

DXF files are downloaded directly from our Autocad system removing any programming/setting up costs.

Laser cutting offers maximum accuracy and repeatability from simple shaped pieces to complex door cutouts, coupled with increased material utilisation to avoid costly wastages.

In recent years Paktronic has invested in suitable tooling and polishing equipment to enable bespoke Stainless Steel enclosures to be manufactured on site for food/beverage applications,  and also to compliment the ‘outdoor’ weatherproof range of panels. Stainless panels can be manufactured out of different grades depending on the environment and local specifications. Grade 304 and 316 cover the vast majority of our applications but other grades can be accommodated if required. Stainless panels can either be painted similar to Mild Steel or offered in a Dull or Polished finished depending on the environment or local specifications.

Ingress Protection – Paktronic offers an Indoor panel solution/construction which conforms to an IP54 rating (Protected against Ingress of Dust and splashing water) and an outdoor panel solution/construction which conforms to an IP65 rating (Dust Tight and protected against water jets).

The indoor IP54 construction has recently been independently tested to enable us to achieve the IEC61439-2 certification.

Paktronic’s indoor or outdoor panel can be constructed to a Form 2,3 or Form 4 type of separation depending on the specification requirements.

Why invest in a new panel when your existing panels on site could be modified?

Over the years Paktronic have been involved in a number of refurbishment projects where existing panels have been modified or extended to accommodate new equipment (for instance converting fixed speed starters to variable speed drives or replacing ACB’s). Paktronic can survey the existing site, manufacture bespoke panel extensions/doors/internal partitions at our works and then install and commission the modifications on site. This avoids the full capital outlay of a new panel and reduces the impact on the current site services whilst the modifications are being implemented.

Of course not all applications require bespoke cabinets and where an ‘off the shelf’ cabinet can be utilised Paktronic can offer very competitive solutions for either wall mounted cabinets or floor standing ‘bayed’ type systems.

Sheet metal only projects can also be offered as a solution if you need a panel but cannot get an ‘off the shelf’ enclosure to fit – Paktronic can supply you with a painted/unpainted panel for your own assembly and test, constructed to your own designs or utilising the Paktronic Design Team to develop a product.

Whilst panels and enclosures are our core business, over the years we have been involved with some unusual Sheet metal projects ranging from Transformer Housings, Free-Standing Frames for Hair-Dressers Mirrors, Dog Kennels and Conservatory bases so if you do have any metalwork application please contact our tendering department who would be more than willing to provide you with a quotation.


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