Site work

If you have an existing panel on site that is functional but just requires modifying, Paktronic will survey the existing panel, produce new schematic and engineering drawings for the required modifications and the implement all on-site modifications, test and commission.

Examples of our on-site capabilities are:-

  • Complete Refurbishment of Panel internal components whilst utilising the panel shell.
  • Extensions to Existing panels and busbar systems.
  • PLC Extensions or Complete Upgrades of Obsolete Hardware.
  • Fixed Speed to Variable Speed Conversions.
  • ACB Upgrades from Fixed ACB’s to Withdrawable ACB’s.
  • Busbar System Replacements (H2S Gas Effected Busbars).

Why invest in a new panel when your existing panels on site could be modified?

Over the years Paktronic have been involved in a number of refurbishment projects where existing panels have been modified or extended to accommodate new equipment (for instance converting fixed speed starters to variable speed drives or replacing ACB’s).

Paktronic can survey the existing site, manufacture bespoke panel extensions/doors/internal partitions as required at our works and then install and commission the modifications on site. This avoids the full capital outlay of a new panel and reduces the impact on the current site services whilst the modifications are being implemented.


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