One coat of Priming Etch is applied as per manufacturers specification and instructions to give a wet film thickness of approximately 25 microns (dry film thickness approximately 10 microns).  This is allowed to flash off for approximately 10 minutes before applying primer coats.

Two coats of primer filling are applied wet on wet, as per manufacturer’s specification and instructions, to give a wet film thickness of 40 microns (dry film thickness 20 microns).  This is allowed to flash off before stoving.

Upon completion of primer coat, the external surfaces are lightly rubbed down and internal surfaces are de-nibbed down to ensure good adhesion.

Three coats of finish colour are applied in accordance with manufacturer’s specification and instructions.  This produces a wet film thickness of approximately 40 microns (dry film thickness approximately 20 microns).  This is allowed to flash off before stoving for 30 minutes at 120°C. Any BS or RAL Final Paint shade can be used within this process.

The above method should give a final dry film thickness of 50/60 microns but the above process can be adjusted in order to comply with differing specifications. Film thickness gauges are used at the end of the spraying process to ensure compliance with standards/specifications as part of our

ISO-9001 quality assurance system.

External cubicles can be shot-blasted and hot-zinc sprayed where climatic conditions demand extra protection.

The only real test of the quality of a paint finish and its durability is how it stands up over time within its specific environment. This is evident when we have been asked to modify panels that we manufactured 20+ years ago and, assuming a reasonable environment, the paint finish is still in good condition and we have been able to re-use the panel structure and just replace internal obsolete components. This benefits the client as older enclosures can be refurbished rather than replaced providing a cost advantage and reduction in downtime.

Whilst the majority of our painting processes are for our own panels, we can offer this service to anyone who requires a stove enamel paint finish on a panel or structure. Our only constraints are the oven size but if you have any spraying requirements please contact us for a quotation. Even if you have purchased an ‘off the shelf’ standard panel but need it spraying a different colour to meet your client’s specification, we can do this for you.


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