Software Testing can be split into two different areas:

A Software Acceptance Test can take place on the bench with the PLC CPU and HMI and uses pre-configured Test Routines within the actual PLC software to simulate sequence operations of the actual processes.

The advantage of this is that plant operators and commissioning engineers can see the actual operation of the plant on the HMI screens and any changes can be made in the office rather than on site, reducing costly commissioning and training hours on site.

The software can also be tested as part of the full panel test where the full functionality of the panel can be observed and the I/O tested to again, install confidence in the clients engineers prior to the panel being delivered that the required processes and sequences have been tested.

Once we have completed all of our own tests we encourage the client to attend a Factory Acceptance Test at our works so we can go through the full operation of the panel and demonstrate all aspects of the panel functionality to their full satisfaction. This process can save valuable time and costs during the Installation and commissioning periods on site ensuring that everything that the client expects is within the panel before delivery.

Test Procedures can vary depending on the clients specifications and these documents can be developed prior to the Factory Acceptance Test to ensure the client is confident that all aspects of their requirements have been accommodated. Final ‘signed off’ test documents, Certificates of Conformity (BS EN 61439-1 (2011) / BS EN 61439-2 (2011) Compliant) and Test Results are all included in the final O&M documentation.


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